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October 23, 2014 Development of Highly Flexible USB3.0 Cable Assembly

Development of Highly Flexible USB3.0 Cable Assembly





Fujikura Ltd. (Yoichi Nagahama, President and CEO) announces that it has developed the new USB 3.0 cable Assembly that is flexible and easy to be stored. 


High frequency signals for increasing data traffic require some shielded-pair cables, but they have a lack of flexibility. We resolved the problem by utilizing design, manufacture and evaluation technique for high-frequency cables, which we have been cultivating in developing small diameter cables used for electronics devices.  In addition, we improved its flexibility and its usability by newly designing materials and structures for shielded layers and jackets.



Even when the cable is connected to a wearable device, which has been increasingly miniaturized, the device is not lifted by the cable. The cable fits unobtrusively on wearable devices such as head mounted displays to provide more comfort. Assembly including connectors can be customized to customer specifications or transmission standards.  The cable is expected to be used in robots for FA (factory automation) and medical use as it is suitable for use in a device's moving part, where mechanical stress is applied.