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January 6, 2015 Release of Large Core Fiber Cleaver and Optical Fiber Recoater

Fujikura Ltd. (Yoichi Nagahama, President and CEO) announces that it has developed and released   "Large Core Fiber Cleaver" (CT-105 and CT-106) and " Optical Fiber Recoater" (FSR-05, FSR-06 and FSR-07) as tools for assembling devices in factories and/or research.  


Large Core Fiber Cleaver (CT-105 and CT-106)

Large core fiber is a silica fiber that has a larger cladding diameter as compared to ordinary telecommunication optical fiber. It enables transmission of optical energy in high density and is used in sensor field as well as in application which requires transmission of high power optical energies such as laser. 


Fujikura Ltd. has developed and released two types of large diameter optical fiber cleavers that can cut up to 1250 μm cladding diameters. They have a structure that automatically adjust gripping force of the optical fiber and can be applied to photonic crystal fiber, capillary -hollow glass tube-, angled cleaving etc. 


Optical Fiber Recoater (FSR-05, FSR-06 and FSR-07)

To protect the fusion splice part of optical fiber, there is a method to recoat the glass part with UV resin. This makes it possible to have smaller and lighter protected splice part as compared to fiber protection sleeve used in protecting the splice part of telecommunication optical fiber. 


Fujikura Ltd. has developed and released 3 types of optical fiber recoaters. Compared to conventional devices, they are able to recoat in high quality for a longer period. The exchange of Quartz mold and UV resin can be performed easily.