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Launch of Ultra Low Loss Optical Fiber - FutureGuide®-HSC -

Fujikura Ltd. (President and CEO: Masahiko Ito) announces that it has developed and is now ready for supplying a High performance Silica Core Fiber, FutureGuide®-HSC, which is specially designed for the next-generation long-haul terrestrial networks.


The optical fiber transmission system enables and supports the global Internet society which has become indispensable to enrich our lives. However, the Internet traffic grows marvelously and explosively with the spread of smartphones and online video distribution services. To meet with this massive traffic demand, a new type of digital coherent optical transmission system with high-speed digital signal processing has been spotlighted and then has been introduced. In this system, there are critical technical requirements for optical fibers such as ultra-low loss as well as larger effective area.


Fujikura Ltd. has developed a high-performance silica core fiber (HSC) whose attenuation is drastically smaller than that of a conventional fiber by using silica core structure with fluorine-doped cladding.


Outstanding Features of the HSC

(i) Ultra-Low Loss of 0.168 dB/km at 1550 nm

This typical attenuation realized that the attenuation of optical power is about 10% lower than that of a conventional fiber.

(ii) 40% Larger Effective Area (Aeff)

The HSC is about 40% larger in Aeff than a conventional fiber. This enables to reduce dramatically non-linear signal degradation which causes a critical technical problem in the digital coherent system.

(iii) Compliant with ITU-T Recommendation G.654.E

FutureGuide®-HSC is compliant with ITU-T Recommendation G.654.E published in November 2016, which is applied for advanced fibers for long-haul terrestrial networks with cut-off wavelength shifted to just below the loss minimized C-band region.

(iv) Applicable for Various Kinds of Cables

The HSC is applicable for various kinds of cables because of its adequate bending characteristics.


We will continue to contribute to the worldwide Internet society by providing our higher-performance optical fibers with the aim of enriching our lives in the future.